"ActiveX" and "plug-ins" message

"ActiveX" and "plug-ins" message

Post by Marsh » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 09:57:22

Whenever IE 6.0 starts loading a website, I always get
this message: "Do you want to allow such software as
ActiveX controls and plug-ins to run?".  This gets really
annoying whenever I'm trying to view a site that has a lot
of ActiveX stuff.  

So, why am I getting this message, and how can I turn off
this so-called feature?  

Thanx a million(and one),


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I recently downloaded the 16-bit version of Netscape Gold 3.01 which
is supposed to include the plug-ins "Cool Talk" and "Live 3D".
The browser works fine, however the plug-ins do not.

"Live 3D" doesn't even seem to be there! If it is, I can't find it.

"Cool Talk" is there, all right. However, when you try to start
it up, it tells you that it is missing MSVIDEO.DLL and DVE.DLL.

There were no problems reported during the installation. I even
went over to the Netscape site and registered it, thinking that
this might be necessary to get "Live 3D." Nada.

Does anyone have any clue about what's happening here??


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