Intrernet explorer spy file

Intrernet explorer spy file

Post by Anthon » Thu, 29 May 2003 04:06:09

got rid of the spyware nuker, but it still leaves me with
the same problem, im missing the file that deals with my
profile and auto complete, i have to keep entering my e-
mail address and name, how can i replace this file, or
where do i find it, im using win 98se internet explorer 6,
reinstalling internetr explorer dos'nt work neigther dose
repairing internet explorer, please help, reply to board
or my e-mail

1. goodbye hotmail........spies spies spies

Anyone else who has a hotmail account, ditch the thing now.
I was wondering how come Zone Alarm was reporting an erroneous bit of data
sent when I know I hadn't sent that much.
Open Zone alarm and hotmail. Download your mail. Watch the bytes sent
increase. Jusat for downloading.
Click on your spam mail and watch the bytes sent increase by 3 or 4kb a
I sent myself a mail and it instantly jumped 5kb. For a 1 line message?
Nope. No virus. But inbound it increased yet another 5kb.
Hotmail is spyware.

Have you noticed that whenever you do something about your spam mail, you
seem to get more spam?
It seems to me that Mr. Gates thrives on you getting crap you don't want.
So no thank you sir, I'm no longer using your spy ware services.

Up yours.

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