Trouble with .ins file updates

Trouble with .ins file updates

Post by Roy Goodwi » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00

the .ins must be there & it must be lower case

> Hello all,

> I have setup and tested the install of a local IE5 distribution for my
> company on a test machine.  Everything is working fine except .ins

> I have configurd IE5 to check for updates every minute for testing.  I
> go into profile manager make a few changes like adding to Favorites and IE
> never updates itself.  I have rebooted the computer many times logined
> times and even left it on over night and still no updates.

> I have Automatically detect configuration settings checked, Enable
> Configuration, and Automatically configure every 1 minute.

> My URL is http://www.companyname/downlaod/IE/INS we do not use a proxy
> server yet.

> Do I need to add the .ins filename to the end of the URL?
> Do I need to tell IE to update from my web site or can I leave
> Update pointed to Microsoft?

> Any help would be great!

> Thanks,

> Bob


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Hey folks,

As a general rule I prefer using Microsoft apps, they just seem to work
best for me. When it comes to a Web browser I've found Netscape better
then MSIE. But this Plug-In thing has started me thinking and worrying
about what's to come. In the last few weeks we've been told that
plug-ins will let us do almost anything. The next evolution of the Web.
But how many are we going to need?

One to read Acrobat files.

One to view QuickTime movies.

One for VRML 3-D viewing.

Director for presentations.

Shockwave on top of Director.

RealAudio to hear audio streams.

Formula One Net to view spreadsheets.

God only knows what is next. Am I the only one who sees a pattern here?
This is going to quickly get out of control. Each site is going to have
its own way of displaying information. And we'll all have to have a hard
drive full of Plug-ins just to view these sites.

Am I missing something?



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