Warning: Page Has Expired

Warning: Page Has Expired

Post by Bria » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 15:34:54

When I hit the Back button after doing a search I receive
an error message saying the web page has expired and
Exporer does not automatically resend the information.  I
have to click Refresh then OK on the pop-up box to get
back to the list.  The search in the Knowledge Base gave
me a solution for IE 4.01 for Win95.  This fix does not
work with IE 6.0 for XP.  Anyone know how I can disable
this prompt?

1. Warning:Page has Expired...ARRRGGGGGGGHHHH!

I have the EXACT problem described in knowledgebase
article #Q319792 (POST / RE-POST PROBLEM)requiring service
pack 1.  I knew I WAS IN TROUBLE because I HAVE all the
latest service packs for 6.0 and I am still having this $%

(Cannot backpage to RESUBMIT an item, am forced to the
first page to start preliminary search all OVER AGAIN.    
(this is happening on an MLS website) Checked the dll in
question, mine is NEWER than the CORRECT one mentioned in
the article.  ARRRGGGHHH reapplied service pack MADE NO
DIFFERENCE please if somebody knows the fix MICROSOFT GUYS

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