labout login lockup

labout login lockup

Post by Steve Cochra » Thu, 20 May 2004 19:18:51

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> Running XP


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I'm trying to run windows media player video files in windows media
player...complete system lockups
occur when i open a video file and play it for about 1 or 2, at most 3,
seconds. The behaviour occurs in wmp6.4, wmp7.0
and 9.0 whenever hardware acceleration is enabled and my system is set to
dual processor.
When Hardware accell is off, i don't have this problem....

Tried various drivers, vidcards and soundcards... 3d games work fine though
(with direct3D support, thus hardware acceleration enabled).
Desktop hardware acceleration is also enabled and not causing any

A real mess when you have 200 movies waiting to be played on this server.

Any suggestions?

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