how come xp don't support Java Virtual Machine

how come xp don't support Java Virtual Machine

Post by Claudi » Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:16:01

I got a new OS XP pro, but when I access to yahoo web
pages they tell me my browser doesn't support Java
Virtual Machine so they ask me to download, but when i go
to microsoft pages to do it, it display xp is no longer
provide to download jvm. I was told MS not support JVM in
How can I have other solutions because I need to have
java support to get in to yahoo pages.

Please help if any idea! thanks



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i recently got a computer which has a new copy of XP on
it.i downloaded the Java VM and installed it. when i went
to a sight which utilized it i suddenly got a stack
dump..i restarted the computer and tried again to access
that sight( game tracker)i again got the stack
dump. i uninstalled it and i didn't get it anymore...of
course i couldn't run the applet anymore either. will the
Microsoft VM fix it?

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