Error: "Your Browser does not support...."

Error: "Your Browser does not support...."

Post by TC » Thu, 25 Jul 2002 09:20:51

Hi All,

I am getting an error in IE 6 on a station we had to rebuild. The error
occurs on a web page that looks like it is using Java. There is a Calendar
Icon and when I try to click on it I get:
"Your browser does not support this feature. Upgrade browser in order to use
this feature." I searched Microsoft site and got the recommendation to
adjust the settings under privacy to accept all cookies. It did not help.
When I hover over the icon I see "Javascript: CreateCalendar(bla-bla)" at
the bottom of my browser window, so it may have to deal with a Java setting.
On another station there is no problem.

Any suggestions?




1. "Run"," Search" and" Help and Support" on the Start Menu

This is advice, rather than a request for information ...

When playing around with Windows XP Tweaking software, such as

MicroSoft PowerToys "TweakUI for XP"
JerMar "TweakiFor Power Users" version 4
TweakXP Pro 2.0

or even the properties of the Start menu, it is possible to disable
the run, search and help icons from the Start menu ... Some of them
disable the button, whilst others disable the functionality ...

The problem comes when you switch off the functionality with one
Tweaking program, and try to use another to switch it back on. (Bad
idea on reflection :-) ...

Anyway, what I found was out of the four methods mentioned above,
using "Tweaki...For Power Users" (available from was able to re-enable the icons irrelevent of
what program was used to disable them ...

Using "Tweaki For Power Users" (available from:") go to Security and on the Interface page,
scroll to the bottom, and check the boxes next to: "Remove Help
option", "Remove 'Run' command", and "Remove 'Search' command" click
on Done reboot then go back into "TweakiFor Power Users" and
uncheck these boxes again once you have applied the changes, reboot
again and they should work again

(well, they did for me anyway :-)

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