Shortcut keys for "Find Next" and "Find Previous"

Shortcut keys for "Find Next" and "Find Previous"

Post by Helge V. Larse » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 23:20:11

IE6 has no shortcut keys for "Find Next" and "Find Previous" when searching
for text in the browser window.
Can I define such keys ? - or has someone already done it ?
I like Ctrl/PageDown and Ctrl/PageUp for "Find Next" and "Find Previous".


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We need to lock a CROM(s) in a NT Workstation. One idea suggested that
we find a jumper on the back of this SCSI CDROM and tie it in with the
keyboard lock switch. HOWEVER the CDROM(s) we are using do not have
such a jumper.

Anyone out there willing a write a driver to lock CDROM(s) or know
where to find such a utility ?

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