ins file sets mail Profile to LAN connection

ins file sets mail Profile to LAN connection

Post by David Horne » Sun, 05 Jan 2003 06:34:17

If I am creating an ins file manually to put on a backup disk of my settings
I can get the ins file to create my connection perfectly, all my links and
my mail profile settings with one slight snag.

It always sets my mail profile as "Local Area connection" rather than "any
available". Is there an ins entry I need under [Internet_Mail] to achieve
this or is it just not possible (I'm assuming it surely is possible). I
havent actually used the ieak to create this I just used the insref.xls help
file to create the ins file in textpad.



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We are a free internet provider and want to provide a set of customizations
in an .ins file that
a user would download and open from our web site (and from a cd-rom we are
making with

The problem is the homepage setting... Under Windows98, it seems that
opening the ins file
(with IE5.x installed on the system) sets the DUN entry, favorites and other
stuff correctly,
but can't set the homepage, under some unknown circumstances . Please note
that it always
seems to be ok under Win2K.

Has someone experienced this yet ?


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