now shellbrowser is gone in regedit

now shellbrowser is gone in regedit

Post by Norman Schneiderma » Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:06:25

Okay, first I lost my toolbar in fullscreen mode in ie6. I
tried Kelly's software fix and get an error message of a
missing dll file. Then I try going to
explorer/toobar and delete  the webbrowser file. Restart
and it recreates but no help with the missing toobar. Then
I go to the same place and delete shellbrowser, do the
restart etc... Now shellbrowser is gone (and no, I didn't
back it up.... duh!) and now in full screen mode not only
is the toobar gone but now I can't resize the menu and
address bar as the little breaks where the arrows appear
are now also gone.




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        This is of little consequence, but EXTREMELY frustrating. It's
happened before opening a few different types of files, but it's especially
noticeable with Real Audio.

        I'm using Netscape Navigatore stand-alone. Ever since the first
version (I'm currently using the latest), whenever I encounter Real Audio
files in a session I'll get the pop-up window that asks if Netscape should
open or download the file, with an option never to be asked again. I click
"open/never ask" and it plays. If I open another RA file, same session, no
problem. Close Navigator, begin new session -- queried again.

        I'm not a novice and I've scoured the registry for some sort of
conflicting entries but can find none. Why won't these settings stick?

        Any advice gratefully welcomed.



         David G. Imber
   Maniform Creative Services


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