Internet Explorer Loads on Start-up

Internet Explorer Loads on Start-up

Post by Daniel Poole » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 03:50:10

Why does internet explorer load up twice as soon as
windows loads on my computer.

Internet Explorer Loads on Start-up

Post by Alan Edward » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 04:29:25

You probably have it in your startup.
Check in Msconfig for any oddities.
(Start-Run-MSCONFIG-Startup tab)
If you cannot see anything in Msconfig then:

Click the + beside Software Environment to expand.
Click Startup Programs
Ctrl+A to Select All, Ctrl+C to Copy.
Paste  that information in your message.

If you find these two lines in Win.ini, start worrying:
If there, change them to:

Alan Edwards, MS MVP W95/98 Systems

In, "Daniel Pooley"

>Why does internet explorer load up twice as soon as
>windows loads on my computer.


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