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I am running IE 6 on XP and just recently IE has started freezing every so
often, forcing me to end task....It is driving me crazy , any ideas


Post by Gerry Cornel » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 14:47:43


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1. In Outlook Express empty your Deleted Items folder.

2. In Outlook Express run File, Folder, Compact All whilst OFFLINE.

3. Run Disk Cleanup for each drive / partition.

4. Run Disk Defragmenter.


Hope this helps.


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Quote:> I am running IE 6 on XP and just recently IE has started freezing every so
> often, forcing me to end task....It is driving me crazy , any ideas
> ?,,,,,,Rob


1. xp freeze, mouse freeze, netware freeze, IE freeze

Hi there,

(I'm a Win developer for 10 years, I have about 10
computers with XP, different hardware, different
networks, some to NTS, some to Netware, some not in a
network at all).

WinXP has been WinFreeze for me.  (not in a hardware
lock-solid sense, but in a there's a bug way)
Explorer.exe sometimes freezes, it looks like it does
not 'pump' messages.  taskbar buttons are frozen,
alt-tabbing works fine.  Then after a minute or two, or
perhaps 20 seconds sometimes explorer.exe unfreezes and
it rememberes all the mouse events, and a fireworks of
windows swithcing occurs. Processor is at 0%, so this
is a synchronisation issue somewhere in the explorer.
(single processor machines all of them).  One of the
causes for this type of freeze is closing an

Freeze scenario no.2.  I have Excel XP do SendKey to
some other applications (Eudora and PGPTools).  In
about 50% of time, after sending file name with full
path with 'enter' at the end to the 'file open' dialog
in eudora or pgptools, Windows XP freezes.  Mouse is
frozen and does not move.  ctrl-alt-delete does
unfreeze the situation, but this i've never seen at the
NT line.  Mouse is frozen??? This must be somewhere
deep inside.

This is with the standard windows file open dialog that
eudora pops up, file is on a netware drive.  Come to us
and see it for yourself. :)  Well, this could be office
XP issue, or windows issue.  Happens to both eudora and
pgptools, both with fileopen dialog.  After
ctrl-alt-delete unfreeze, Excel XP looses the
functionality to send keypresses around until it is
restarted. (Yes, this could be a Office XP issue, but
since the mouse and everything else is froozes, this
becomes a winXP issue, too.

Third freeze: Explorer.exe, when browsing netware
network disks, and also CDroms, freezes.  This is so
frustrating, i'm talking XP on 1,6 P4 is slower than
P200 with 95, with the factor of about 100.  All you
have to do is scroll the tree in the left pane.
Explorer wants to load all those icons, but it freezes
for 10, 20, 30 seconds.  no, it is not a constat 60 or
120 seconds.

Freeze no. 4.  IE6 (hey, it's a part of windows, isn't
it?), when scrolling up -down, sometimes freezes, and
does nothing.  then you can say screw it and start
another instance, then browse to the same page and load
it again.  the frozen page than unlocks after some
time. (1 or perhape 3-5 minutes).   processor at 0% all
the time.

So far, all these freezes were with processor being
idle (or close).  I've also seen when Explorer.exe goes
to 100% processor and doesn't release.  Alt-tab
switching possible, taskbar frozes, naturally.

My theory is that the wonderfull feature of reporting
crashes back to microsoft will clear all those bugs
pretty fast, but then all the remaining bugs will be of
a freeze type, because they will be invisible to the
error reporting.  Is this what is happening here?

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