ie6 and java problems in frames page

ie6 and java problems in frames page

Post by Jerome T. Czeiku » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 06:30:39

As is stated in many other places in this newsgroup IE6 is not compatible
with and did not come with Java support built in.

You have to download the Microsoft Java VM or the Java 2 runtime from Sun.


> After upgrading to ie6 from ie5.5, trying to load a "2
> frames page" leaves left frame that is java inabled
> unloaded.
> Netscape6.2 works fine.
> went to the req. micrsoft java problem site and the game
> on that page did not load, all the fixes relate to ie5.5
> and eariler? is ie6 stable???


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I have created a web page that is a frames page using
Frontpage 2002.  I published to my server which has all
frontpage extensions, etc, and when I try to view the page
from the server, the top part of the frames page does not
display in my browser, it contains an image file whether
that is important or not?  It also contains text that
won't display either.

I checked to make sure all the files were on the server,
they are all there.

Anyone experience this?  Can it be fixed?

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