Creative Director

Creative Director

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I am helping a client from a large corporation search for a Creative
Director with multiple talents.

1.)  This person must know Director, Authorware AdobePhotoshop. SoundEdit
Pro, 3D, design, CD-Titles, Cpmputer Based Training etc.

2.)  This individual must know how to give direction to a group of 20 or
more individuals in the areas of program design, creative direction in an
expediant manner.  Experience of managing 10 to 20 individuals on major
projects is necessary.

3.)  This individual must have experience in creating major projects,
controlling cost, creating budgets and giving leadership to a creative
team with great talent.  This person needs to teach this team how to work
within a budget without sacrificing their creativity.

Should you have the "right stuff" your rewards will be great.  You will
work for a world known multi-million dollar corporation who will give you
all the work you can handle with the best equipment and software in the

Finally, this individual should have between 5-8 years worth of experience
and be able to provide examples of their work from the multimedia

If you qualify and have an interest or qualify, E-Mail me or send resume

Michael Kiffmeyer


1. €€€ Looking for Creative Director Position / Visit my Online Portfolio €€€

My name is Jerry L. Berg II.  I am currently the Creative Director of a
multimedia firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am looking to relocate
away from California.  

I have developed an online portfolio called "Virtual Portfolio 2".  You can
access this site at:

Contained in this portfolio are examples of some of my interactive design
(being both CD-ROM and web site development), print design, and a sample of
digital art.  I welcome comments and criticisms.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:

Home Phone: 415-341-2056
Work Phone: 415-344-1265 Please be discrete!

Thank You,

Jerry L. Berg II
Creative Director
Golf Media, Inc.

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