Misplaced SB16 and Teac CD-55-A installation disks

Misplaced SB16 and Teac CD-55-A installation disks

Post by Lloyd Lub » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have misplaced the installation disks for both my Sound Blaster 16
and it accompanying Teac CD-55-A. Where can I get these (over the
internet or diskettes)? So far Teac does not answer its 800 number.

1. Win95 & SB16 Multi-CD + Teac CD-55A

I'm running a Teac CD-55A off of the Panasonic interface on a
Sound Blaster 16 Multi-CD, and Win95 refuses to recognize it.
I have it on I/O address 240 (which is the same as the sound
card, of course), and I tried installing it as a regular Panasonic
CD-ROM controller, but Windows refused to accept that address.
Has anyone gotten this configuration to work with Win95? Am I
stuck without a CD-ROM drive until Teac or Creative Labs writes
a driver?

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