Media library Album & Artist - Not!

Media library Album & Artist - Not!

Post by KeyBore » Thu, 28 Dec 2000 09:18:30

I've ripped about 8 cd's to mp3's and am trying to get Media Library to
organize them by album and artist.  Some cd's are listed correctly, but 3 I
ripped today only show up in "all audio" section.  I deleted
"wmplibrary_v_0_12.db" and rescanned, but no luck.  I'm using Winme and WM7.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


1. Album Artist not added to Media Library Artist tree when ripping CDs

Since none of my bug postings on the release version have had an "official"
response ( which I hope means that a patch will appear on Windows Update any
day now :-) ), I will ask further: was this particular issue intended to
inflame all those posters who complained about lack of support for Classical
and Jazz albums? This hoses the use of the Album Artist to compensate for
lack of adequate Composer support. The release version has less features for
the serious album collector than the release candidate - and any bug
progress in this area is marginal.

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