Seeking interface/multimedia research or project sites in Europe

Seeking interface/multimedia research or project sites in Europe

Post by Joseph P. Toj » Mon, 20 Jun 1994 03:19:13


I will be travelling in Europe this and would like to interview and video
people who are working with digital media.  I make documentaries about new
technology and I am looking for people working with computer interfaces,
for games, productivity, entertainment, education, etc.

If you are involved or know someone who is, please contact me.  My rough
itinerary is Paris, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague...

I'd like to add your city to the list.

Joe Tojek
Ph.D. Dissertator, Educational Communications and Technology


1. Seeking multimedia, vr, etc. research sites to visit in EUROPE

        I am seeking interesting research sites to visit in Europe this
summer.  I am working on a documentary about the future of computing,
communicating and interfaces and would love to schedule a visit to your
site this summer.  

Briefly, my background includes:
BS Computer Science
MS Educational Communications and Technology
Ph. D. Dissertator Educational Communications and Technology
Research: Communicating with Digital Media
I enjoy computer animation and am also a producer of independent video
and music projects and would love to bring some tapes to your continent.

Please drop me a line with any info you feel would be helpful.

Thank You,
Joe Tojek

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