Q: GUI design for process control

Q: GUI design for process control

Post by Ben Ma » Thu, 21 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi there!

We are looking for some basic literature on design of user interfaces
involving multimedia techniques, such as sound, live images, and such
for a process control application we are presently developing.

Any bibliography, FAQ hint, or whatever would greatly be appreciated.




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1. Q: Controlling the size of OLE control in container at design time


First, I'm a novice in C++ (only 3 days), so please forgive me!

I think my question is simple, basically I want to control the size of an OLE control at design-time.
The size should be fixed at 420 x 420 twips, my code until now look like this:

void CxxCtrl::OnDraw(CDC* pdc, const CRect& rcBounds, const CRect& rcInvalid)
        // Always hide the window, only handle needed
        if (m_hWnd != NULL)

        CBitmap bitmap;
        BITMAP  bmp;
        CPictureHolder picHolder;
        CRect rcSrcBounds;

        // Make a timer control style at design time
        ((CRect&)rcBounds).buttum = rcBounds.top + 420;
        ((CRect&)rcBounds).right = rcBounds.left + 420;

        // Load control bitmap
        bitmap.GetObject(sizeof(BITMAP), &bmp);
        rcSrcBounds.right = bmp.bmWidth;
        rcSrcBounds.bottom = bmp.bmHeight;

        // Create picture and render
        picHolder.CreateFromBitmap((HBITMAP)bitmap.m_hObject, NULL, FALSE);
        picHolder.Render(pdc, rcBounds, rcSrcBounds);

But this does not work, I can still resize the control at design-time, do you have any suggestions, please notify me

Thanks for the help!

Lars-Henrik Dandanell

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