Win XP And Playing Audio Files

Win XP And Playing Audio Files

Post by Lana William » Sun, 30 Dec 2001 02:36:36

I just upgraded my computer, replacing almost everything including my hard
drive and motherboard and have a clean install now of XP Home.  When I play
audio files in either Creative Play Center (software with new live sound
card) or Win Media Player 7 (part of XP) it "stutters" every 10 seconds or
so.  This happens whether I play files from my hard drive, stream internet
audio or just play audio CDs.  It sounds like a local buffer or streaming
problem perhaps. A friend of mine mentioned XP having problems with audio,
but this could be something I can fix in a setting somewhere.  I haven't
found any windows update patches for this.  Does anyone have this problem or
know what may be causing this?  I have installed a good audio system and I
can't really enjoy it.

Many thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!


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open and i get message that thi format is not supported. Is there a way
out. Can any one help.

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