WWW Graphic Arts Repertory!

WWW Graphic Arts Repertory!

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For your information:

TeleGraphique LC inc, a dedicated network (3 FirstClass servers in Quebec)
specialized in the graphic arts and communications field, is about to publish
its Complete WWW Repertory of Graphic Arts.
A new approach to diffuse information and helping to find in a faster way,
the information you want.

The repertory will be available by the end of October at a special
introduction offer. 5 general sections including more than 500 Bookmarks will
be published with four edition per year.

Please, let us know if you are interested about this NEW product and how much
would you pay for the Complete WWW Repertory of Graphic Arts or each one

You can visit our web site at:


e-mail at:




My name is Stefan Hjaltason and I am a webmaker
I'm located in Hafnarfjordur Iceland but I am making webpages for people
all over the world. If you are interested to look at something I have
done, I have made homepages for two Internet providers. BBS SNOL and
VILLA BBS. The url for BBS SNOL is   http://bbs.snol.com   and for VILLA
BBS it is  http://www.ice.is    one of them is in Iceland and the other
one in USA. Please feel free to send me e-mail for more informations. My

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