Maximum frame size

Maximum frame size

Post by Jean-Francois Pelletie » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:11:42


Does anybody know how to find the maximum frame size accepted by the Windows
Media encoder?


JF Pelletier


1. HELP with MAXIMUM swap file size and recommended size

        I am using a windows 3.1 and stacker 4.0 together.  I have
decided to create my permanent swapfile on my original hardware,
i.E. the physical drive with the big STACVOL.DSK on it.  this is
my F: drive.  There are about 15meg free on this drive;  when I
triedt to create a permanent swap file on it, the maximum swap size shown
was about 14meg, and recommended size 7 or 8 meg.  since I don't have much
of any thing else on that drive, i set the size of the swap file to 12 meg.
however, the windows told me that "WIndows will not use more than the
recommended swap file size.  Are you sure...." etc.  I did not really
understand this.  I just clicked OK, and restarted windows.  When i checked
"About program Manager" in HELP of program manager, it said about 7meg
of memory free.  So it seemed that the windows really did not use more than
7 meg of the permanent swsap file.  Is there any way to correct this?
any help is appreciated.

                By the way, I have dos 6.21, qemm 7.04, and 4 meg of
ram on a 386 DX40 ...

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