NT/@K Lock down tool

NT/@K Lock down tool

Post by mark » Wed, 13 Nov 2002 01:26:48

Hello all,

In setting up a new win2k server, I of course used the
lock down tool to make sure all vulnerbilities were
elimenated before I attched the sever to the network.

My problem is now I think it is locked down too much
because I get an error that clients connect to the
server.  How does everyone else lock down their servers
for maximum security?  

p.s.  I know it has to be a "too tight" security issue
because I have an identical server that wasn't locked
down and is configured the same way that can stream with


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I am running XP professional (upgrade version), AMD
Athlon 800mhz, 512MB RAM, Asus K7 mobo, MSI GeForce 4
ti4400 AGP.
When I try to open a game it locks.  When I try to run
the DirectX Diagnostic Tool it locks at the third bar of
progress, in the progress meter.  I have to reset my
machine to get it running again.
I thought it might be bad memory, but I switched in some
older memory and I still have the same problem.  I don't
get any error messages.
I've reinstalled DirectX drivers, videocard drivers.  I
am at a loss.
Any thoughts or questions?
Please help, it would be greatly appreciated!

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