Anyone Multicasting?

Anyone Multicasting?

Post by Jeff » Sun, 03 Aug 2003 00:02:53

Thanks in advance for your responses :)

Is anyone multicasting to the WMP 7.1 for Mac?  I've two symptoms that are

ONE... Because my router techs have blocked port80(http) the stream takes
3-5 minutes to start, but starts right away with no filtering.  The filter
is there to prevent anyone from unicasting from the svr (long story).  Sniffer
traces record the player sending http packets (5pairs) to the streaming server,
then joining the router.  

TWO... Once the stream is playing, it does not repeat automatically when
the svr is streaming continuously and windows clients are seeing the stream
restart.  It takes starting and stopping the player with the > buttons.

My svr is Win2K Advance Svr with WMS 4.1
This is a pilot project, last week was the first production stream that was
viewed by 3500 NT and XP Clients.  I've 800 Mac clients that need this solved
or I have to look elsewhere for a solution.


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In order to multicast out to the internet do we have to
obtain a multicast address from an ISP, how does that work
out?  Also how should the cisco router be set up for
Microsoft Media Services.  We have a serial1 that is
active (CSU/DSU to router) and Eth0 (Router to switch and
lan) should they both be configured for multicast? Right
now I can only multicast within the lan, I tried to dial
out to the internet and download and play the .nsc file it
gives an error that says could not find the server
mmsu://  Any Ideas?

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