AC97 Sound Problems

AC97 Sound Problems

Post by Lurc » Mon, 05 May 2003 15:17:49

I have had a lot of trouble getting Windows XP to recognize my
on-board VIA AC 97 sound.  I can't get windows to find this hardware
through device manager.  Here are some specifics that may help:
Motherboard is Matsonic MS8127C.  BIOS date is 1/18/02, and I'm
running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 1.  Here's what I've tried
so far:  In BIOS Advanced Chipset Features, I've set ON CHIP SOUND to
Auto.  In Integrated Peripherals, I've both enabled and disabled
ONBOARD LEGACY AUDIO and SOUND BLASTER, neither of which made much
difference.  I've also tried Setting PNP OS INSTALLED to both yes and
no in the PnP/PCI settings of the BIOS.  None of this seems to have
helped.  I've also set the JP4 jumper on the motherboard to the "Use
on board codec" position.

Windows does not automatically recognize the hardware.  In fact,
during startup, between the end of setup and start of Windows
beginning to load, there is about 2 minutes of dead time with a blank
screen if I set the BIOS to Auto ON CHIP SOUND.  Once Windows finally
starts, I can manually load the default XP drivers, but once loaded
the device is still has an error, and I get no sound.  I've also tried
loading AC 97 drivers I downloaded from the VIA website, and upon
installation basically got an error message saying that I needed to
enable the AC 97 thru the BIOS first.

Here are some things I'm thinking, I'd appreciate any insight on these
or any other thoughts anyone may have:

1. Maybe the motherboard sound is not working (hardware problem).
Maybe, but I know it did work once, under Windows ME.  At that point,
I started using a PCI sound card, but the sound card recently went on
the fritz.  High quality sound is not super important to me, so I
wanted to go back to motherboard sound

2. Until recently I had a PCTEL HSP56 AMR modemthis stopped working
right so I took it out and replaced it with a PCI modem.  Could this
be related to the problem--are AC 97 audio codecs dependent on the AMR

3. I read somewhere that if you try to activate motherboard sound
after you have already installed Windows XP, it won't work.  True?