Problem with SB16/Mitsumi CD installation: can't print anymore

Problem with SB16/Mitsumi CD installation: can't print anymore

Post by Lee Van Dy » Fri, 11 Mar 1994 12:02:15

Hi, I've installed a SB16 MCD and a Mitsumi double speed CD and
now the frikken printer doesn't  work. Any ideas????

Thanks in advance,

Lee Van*


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Just got NT4.0 installed and working with my sound blaster 16 multi CD and
mitsumi CD drive, but the installation was not straight forward. Turns out
that NT4.0 install would not detect the mistumi interface built in to the
Sound Blaster card. Without access to CD the install would not proceed. I
even tried telling it to use the Mitsumi driver but after loading it from
disk 3 it would tell me the driver was not loaded.

What I had to do was disable the Mitsumi interface on the SB card and
plug in the original Mitsumi adapter that came with the drive. The install
then went fine. I then pulled out the Mitsumi adapter and reenabled the
built in Mitsumi interface on the SB and rebooted. Guess what? The
Mitsumi driver now works fine!!! Why is it that the Mitsumi driver will
not accept the sound blaster interface at install time, but is quite
happy with it once installed. Since I am not too enthusiastic about shuffling adapters at each install, I hope the need to reinstall will be low.

Has anyone encountered the same problem and found a better way around it?


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