sb16 static

sb16 static

Post by rsumm.. » Fri, 12 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I hope someone can help me with this problem with my SoundBlaster
16 sound card.  It is the earlier version (MKE CD-ROM interface),
not the PnP SB16 card.

When I first installed Win95 on my system last November, the sounds
for the events came out scratchy and/or with a hiss.  Someone told
me that Win95 did not detect SB16 properly.  So I went back through
and did that so it would.  It still did but then I installed some
updated SB16 drivers from the MS ftp site and after that everything
was cool.

Recently, I created another primary partition and put a test Win95
on it so I could mess around with new programs and not affect my
"production" Win95 on the other primary partition.  Well, I had
the same sound problem again and went through the same scenario.
However, this time, it did not fix the problem.  I didn't care so
much about my test system, I just set events to no sound.

Several weeks after setting up my test system, my production system
again starting having problems with sound events.  I don't know
it was due to installing some multimedia software or accidently
installing some old drivers or installing some new drivers.  Anyway,
I have retrieved the lastest drivers from the Creative Labs ftp site
and installed them but it still won't work.  I have tried to use
different DMA settings and so forth and so on but nothing has worked.
I have searched all the MS KB and tried solutions in there but nothing
has worked.

I have a multi-config system and I do a boot to non-GUI and just run
my games under MSDOS 7.0 with the real-mode drivers.  All of the DOS
games work fine so I know the sound card is OK and I have used
DIAGNOSE to check out the sound card too.  All audio CDs perform
fine under Win95 and most multimedia programs do also.  A couple
of them have the same problem when using some sounds.  It seems
that the static is usually always in the left channel (hardly ever
in the right).  Does anyone have a clue as to what could be going
on?   I hope someone from MS or Creative Labs can answer.


1. SB16 Static

I've got an aggravating problem with the Soundblaster 16 Plug and Play
card that I am using with Win95. Everything works fine playing music
either through the CD Player or on a program, However when playing
voices it has static and sounds horrible. This does not happen with all
programs. I can't use Quicken 6 multimedia or another multimedia CD that
I have because you can't hear the voices over the static, but the
Windows 95 Demos sound fine. Also the left speaker has static on
everything. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks

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