multiple images to RTV / DVI file format

multiple images to RTV / DVI file format

Post by KOCSIS NICHOLAS » Fri, 03 Sep 1993 22:46:25

The title says it all really.

Does someone know of a way to take a series of images;
        say TIFFs, TGAs, GIFs etc.
and convert these into the motion video format RTV / DVI
        note: conversion to AVI will not help, as my program only
                reads RTV files



1. PLV and RTV standards/file formats for DVI (Action Media II)

We have a motion sequence represented by a set of individual frames.
We would like to play the motion sequence in real-time on DVI board for
an IBM PC (ActionMedia II). We would like to explore both standards RTV
(real-time video) and PLV (production-level video). Could anyone please
send us the two required file formats, or even better, compression algorithms.

Is there a document on some machine on internet that describes these two

Thanks for your help. Please send the responses directly to the

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