CfP: IOPADS (Input/Output in Parallel and Distributed Systems)

CfP: IOPADS (Input/Output in Parallel and Distributed Systems)

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I/O bottleneck

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

                          Third Annual
      April 25, 1995, Red Lion Resort, Santa Barbara, California

Sponsored by:                      To be held in conjunction with:
IEEE Technical Committee on        International Parallel Processing
Parallel Processing.               Symposium (IPPS '95).
In cooperation with: ACM SIGARCH.

WORKSHOP:  The 1995 workshop will be the third year of the workshop;
in the previous two years it was entitled the "Workshop on I/O in
Parallel Computer Systems".  In keeping with the spirit of the change
in title, the 1995 workshop will encourage broad participation from
researchers involved in all aspects of solutions to the I/O
bottleneck in parallel and distributed systems.  Papers dealing with
innovative theoretical, algorithmic, operating systems, compiler,
architectural and application level approaches are of interest.  In
keeping with discussions held at the 1994 workshop, papers describing
experimental and empirical investigations are particularly
encouraged.  The workshop will be held on the first day of the IPPS
'95 symposium (April 25, 1995).

Papers are invited demonstrating original unpublished research.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    Experimental characterization of I/O demand
    Empirical evaluation of parallel I/O subsystems
    Performance modeling and evaluation
    Design and implementation of I/O intensive applications
    Practice and experience with high-performance I/O
    Theory and implementation of algorithms for I/O  
    I/O subsystem architecture        
    Language and compiler support for parallel I/O    
    Operating system support for parallel I/O        
    Real-time and multimedia I/O
    Scheduling and resource allocation
    Concurrent and parallel file systems

SUBMITTING PAPERS: All papers will be reviewed.  The first page must
include an abstract and the name, address, telephone number and
electronic mail address of the author to whom correspondence is to be
sent.  The manuscript should be at most 20 pages long (including
figures and references).  Papers will be collected into an informal
proceedings and distributed at the workshop.

Send six copies of the paper to:
    John Werth
    Dept of Computer Sciences
    Univ of Texas at Austin
    Taylor Hall Rm. 2.124
    Austin, TX 78712
    Phone: (512)-471-9583
    Fax:   (512)-471-8885

For enquiries by e-mail:


    COMPLETE PAPER DUE:        Feb 21, 1995
    Authors notified:          Apr  3, 1995
    Camera-ready copy due:     Apr 14, 1995

    Ravi Jain, Bellcore
    John Werth, U. Texas, Austin
    J. C. Browne, U. of Texas, Austin

    Abhaya Asthana, AT&T Bell Labs
    Larry Berdahl, Lawrence Livermore
    Peter Chen, Univ. of Michigan
    Alok Choudhary, Syracuse
    Peter Corbett, IBM Watson
    Tom Cormen, Dartmouth
    Sam Fineberg, NASA Ames
    Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, USC
    Paul Messina, Caltech
    John Nickolls, MasPar

SYMPOSIUM:  The 9th annual International Parallel Processing
Symposium (IPPS '95) is sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and held
in cooperation with ACM SIGARCH.  At IPPS '95 engineers and
scientists from around the world will present latest research on all
aspects of parallel and distributed computing.

REGISTRATION: The workshop is free with registration for IPPS '95.