Windows Media Player 7.1 won't do ANYTHING

Windows Media Player 7.1 won't do ANYTHING

Post by Gina » Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:22:40

Someone please help me. I thought I had posted a letter
about this on here already but I can't seem to find it now
to check if I have a response.  So.... forgive me if
you've seen this already ...

Basically, media player 7.1 is completely useless to me
right now.  I open it and if I try to play anything, it
just gets stuck at changing media or opening media.  It
doesn't work on it's own - it doesn't work as a pop-up on
a web page.  

I have a feeling that the problem has something to do with
my other media players - especially the Kazaa P2P program
I have running.  I believe that around the same time that
this problem occured, I upgraded my Kazaa version.  I've
tried to uninstall Kazaa and the media player and just re-
install the media player- but the same problem still
occurs.  Can anybody help?


1. windows media player 7.1 won't play internet media

i've recently updated my wmp to 7.1, but when i try and
download media/movies from the internet an error box
indicates that "it can't access the media, you may not be
connected to the network".  when i then try to access
another site, another error box says that no internet
connection is currently available (so i have to hit 'try
again' in order to go to another site).  it's like the
media player is kicking me off-line as it trys to donwload
a file.  i'm definitely connected the enitre time so i'm
not sure why this is happening. i'm using ie 5.5.  any
thoughts?  thanks in advance.

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