VfW Runtime Distribution Rights

VfW Runtime Distribution Rights

Post by Gary Hans » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 05:04:16

In follow-up to my previous post, I am posting the information regarding the
VfW runtime distribution rights.  The following is taken directly from the
file VFW1.WRI file that is included with the full-blown version of Microsoft
VfW.  Enjoy!

Distributing the Microsoft Video Runtime

    Your license agreement for Microsoft Video for Windows allows you to
    create AVI sequences and distribute them along with the Media Player so
    that others can view those sequences. The Drivers disk of your package contains
    the software necessary to setup another user's machine to play AVI sequences.

    Microsoft grants to you the right to reproduce and distribute the runtime
    modules of the SOFTWARE provided that you: (a) distribute the
    runtime modules only in conjunction with and as a part of an
    application program or data file, and not as part of any operating system
    or utility program, or on a standalone basis; (b) do not use Microsoft's
    name, logo, or trademarks in any marketing or advertising; (c) include
    a valid copyright notice on your product; and (d) agree to
    indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Microsoft and its suppliers
    from and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorneys' fees, that
    arise or result from the use or distribution of your product which
    incorporates the runtime modules.  The "runtime modules" are those
    files in the SOFTWARE so identified in the written materials accompanying the
    SOFTWARE.  If required in the SOFTWARE documentation, you agree to display
    the designated patent notices on the packaging and in the README file of
    your product.  The license in this section to distribute the runtime modules is
    royalty-free provided that your application program or data file incorporating the
    runtime modules is created for operation on the Microsoft(R) Windows(TM),
    Windows NT (TM), or Modular Windows (TM) operating systems.  Please
    contact Microsoft for the applicable licensing terms for all other uses
    of the runtime modules.

    The specific files covered by the license agreement appear below:
    This is the complete list of all files required by the Video for Windows
    runtime setup.

        Filename                Setup Directory
        -------------           ----------------------
        dispdib.dll     WINDOWS\SYSTEM
        indeo.drv               WINDOWS\SYSTEM
        mciavi.drv      WINDOWS\SYSTEM
        mciole.dll              WINDOWS
        mplayer.exe     WINDOWS
        mplayer.hlp     WINDOWS
        mplayer.reg     WINDOWS
        msvidc.drv      WINDOWS\SYSTEM
        msvideo.dll     WINDOWS\SYSTEM
        profdisp.exe    n/a

    To create a distribution disk:
1. Copy all files in the \RUNTIME directory on the Microsoft Video for Windows
    Drivers disk to another floppy disk. Use either the MS-DOS copy command
    or copy the files from within Windows using the File Manager.

2.  You can now provide this distribution disk to whomever you want. They install
     the Microsoft Video Runtime by running the setup program included on the disk.

3.  If you want to include an AVI sequence, you must either include it on your
     distribution disk or provide another disk for this file.

    To set up the Microsoft Video Runtime:
1. Insert the distribution disk into your PC's floppy drive.

2. From within Windows Program Manager, choose the Run command from
    the File menu.

3. From the Run dialog, enter your drive letter followed by the word SETUP.
    For example, if the distribution disk is in drive A:, then you would type


4. Choose OK.

    This installs the Microsoft Video Runtime and updates the Media Player
    accessory. You can now play AVI sequences with the updated Media Player.


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