programmatically set capture rect of VFW Screen Capture Driver

programmatically set capture rect of VFW Screen Capture Driver

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You can try IAMStreamConfig interface which is exposed by
capture and preview output pins, (GetFormat and SetFormat methods).

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    A shot in the dark...

    I would like to programatically set the capture rectange of the screen
capture driver, but I can't seem to find any way to query or set the capture
rectangle other than via the
IAMVfwCaptureDialogs.ShowDialog(VfwCaptureDialog_Format, ...); UI. Does
anyone know of means to set these values without going through a dialog?


1. Mysterious IVfwCaptureOptions interface in VfW Capture Filter (VfW Format setting)

The Video for Windows Capture Filter in DirectShow says in the documentation
it supports an interface 'IVfwCaptureOptions'

I cannot find any other reference or description of this interface on the
msdn or in the include headers.  I can only presume it does not exist?

What I am really looking for is the ability to change the format (RGB16,
YUV9, YUYU etc) of a bt848 Video for Windows device, with programming, NOT
using the dialog box.  Is this possible?


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