CFP: SIGGRAPH/SIGCOMM Workshop on Graphics and Networking

CFP: SIGGRAPH/SIGCOMM Workshop on Graphics and Networking

Post by Ralph E. Dro » Fri, 28 Feb 1992 04:08:46

                           Call for Participation
          SIGCOMM--SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics and Networking(1)
                               1--3 June 1992
                   Washington University, St.  Louis, MO

The technologies  behind  high-performance  computer  graphics  systems  and
computer communications networks enjoy a synergistic relationship.  Improved
performance  from  computer  networks  allows  distributed  graphics  system
to provide  more  sophisticated  functions,   while  sophisticated  graphics
applications such  as distributed  visualization systems  demand  increasing
throughput and responsiveness from computer protocols and network hardware.

SIGGRAPH  and  SIGCOMM  cooperated  to  hold  a  Workshop  on  Graphics  and
Networking in January, 1991.   The participants in that workshop  identified
several  areas  in  which  graphics  and  networking  technology   interact,
including:  distributed software architectures and environments, distributed
graphics languages,   network--distributed  applications  of  visualization,
standards--related issues,  and  the  interaction  of  distributed  graphics
systems and network communications protocols.

Due to the  interest and participation  in the 1991  workshop, SIGGRAPH  and
SIGCOMM have agreed  to hold  a second workshop  in June,  1992.   The  goal
of the 1992  workshop is  to explore further  the topics  identified at  the
Boulder workshop, and to identify new areas of interaction between  graphics
and networking, to  promote better  understanding between  the graphics  and
networking communities.

The workshop format will  be three days of  plenary meetings, with each  day
having four sessions.    Each session  will start  with brief  presentations
(5--10 minutes) by selected  attendees, followed by discussion.   A  meeting
report will appear in the SIGGRAPH and SIGCOMM newsletters.

How To  Participate:   To ensure  a good  interaction between  participants,
the workshop will be  limited to no  more than 75  people.   We will try  to
give every  attendee the  opportunity to  give a  short talk.    If you  are
interested in attending,  send a  two paragraph  application that  describes
your background, and the topic or topics  you would like to discuss, to  the
program co--chairs by March 6, 1992:

      Ralph Droms, Ph.D.           Donald R. Jones, Ph.D.
      Computer Science Department  Computer Science Department
      Bucknell University          Battelle -- Pacific Northwest Labs
      Computer Science Dept.       Box 999, MS K1--87
      Lewisburg, PA 17837          Richland, WA 99352
      +1 (717) 524--1145           +1 (509) 375--2913
      +1 (717) 524--3760 (fax)     +1 (509) 375--6631 (fax)

Workshop Location and  Fees:  The  workshop will  be held on  the campus  of
Washington University, in  St.   Louis,  Missouri.   We expect  a choice  of
hotels, with  prices from  $50  to $80.    On--campus  housing may  also  be
available at a reduced rate.  The registration fee for the workshop will  be
$80 for SIG/ACM members and $100 for non--members.

Student Attendance:  There are spaces reserved for two graduate students  to
attend the workshop.   These two students will be  asked to keep notes,  and
provide a workshop report that will  be printed in the SIGGRAPH and  SIGCOMM
newsletters.  In return for this work, the workshop will provide up to  $500
in travel funding  for each student.   Students  interested in applying  for
these positions should contact the workshop co-chairs.

 1. ACM approval pending.
- Ralph Droms                 Computer Science Department

  (717) 524-1145              Bucknell University
  (717) 524-3760 (fax)        Lewisburg, PA 17837