Bad Image error when playing video

Bad Image error when playing video

Post by Dave » Mon, 21 Jan 2002 06:53:41

Whenever I try to play a video i get the bad image error
that says wdengine.dll is not a valid image file or
something along those lines.  This is really
frustrating.  Any ideas?



1. Bad video quality when playing WMV file created with Camtasia


I am playing a WMV file that was create from AVI (created
by Camtasia Recorder) and endoded using Camtasia
Producer.  I assume the WMV was done using the TSCC codec
that comes with Camtasia.

When playing the WMV file in Windows Media 9 on Windows
2000, File/Properties says the Video Codec is Windows
Media Screen V7.  The quality is terrible - can't read the
menu items or any of the screen text.  Stuff is missing
from all the fonts.  I have two questions:

1)  Do I need to download the TSCC codec?  Shouldn't WM
have done this automatically?
2)  Why is WM using WM Screen Codec V7 and not V9?  I have
also installed WM Series 9 encoder so the V9 screen codec
should be on my machine.


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