Can I used other formats with Format SDK?

Can I used other formats with Format SDK?

Post by george_pe.. » Sat, 26 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to build an ASF file using my own custom video format.  I
can't seem to get the format SDK to take and subformat that is doesn't
already know about.

for instance, if I use WMMEDIASUBTYPE_MP43 it seems to work, if I use
WMMEDIASUBTYPE_MYFORMAT it fails on the SetMediaType calls with

I am new to ASF and the SDK so it is probably pilot error.  But the
documentation implies that you can only write MS formats with the SDK.
This would suck.


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1. WM9 Format SDK: Codec format enumeration


A few minor issues that I think should be fixed/added
before the release of Windows Media Audio 9 concerning
the formats that are enumerated for the various codecs:

- The "Windows Media Audio 9" codec (RC) only returns VBR
Quality 98 & 90 for 48 kHz. It would be useful if it
would also enumerate qualities 75, 50, 25 and 10 like it
does for 44 kHz. I know that I can set whatever quality I
want myself, but it's so much easier to only only list
the predefined formats in a drop-down list (like
the 'profile generator' sample app does) and I think many
other developers will also implement thier apps in that
way. So enumerate more VBR quality settings for 48 kHz!
80, 70 and 60 might be good options too (for both 44 and

- Similarly an 80 kbps selection for 2-pass VBR seems to
be lacking.

- For the "Windows Media Audio 9 Voice" codec, why not
enumerate both 'Voice' and 'Mixed Voice+Music' settings
(I assume that only the mixed settings are enuemrated as

- For the "Windows Media Audio 9 Professional" codec,
please add some 6.1 selections. I've never ever seen 7.1
used (what are those two last channels supposed to be
anyway? side left + side right?) but 6.1 *is* used in
available systems (the 6th channel being back center) -
not only in THX EX and DTS 6.1 home cinemas, but also by
the new Creative Labs Audigy 2 sound cards...

These suggestions would IMO make the codec format
enumeration feature much more usefull and should be easy
to add!

Best regards,

/ Markus /

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