Megashock Software

Megashock Software

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Megashock Software offers web development
for businesses and private parties for very competitive prices!
We at Megashock Software pride ourselves on providing
quality programming services.
Some of the things we do here at MegaShock Software are:

3D Animations for:

   Commercial, Corporate, Film, Video Games, Legal,
Non-Profit, Medical, Multimedia, Webpages

Model creation for special effects

Web Design (Front and Back-End)
GUI Development
Product Designs
Custom 3D Models
Custom Graphic Design
Custom Software Devlopment and Solutions
Database Programming
CGI Programming in C, C++, and Perl
Java Programming and Java Script
Consulting Services

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1. Multimedia Software Demos Software?

Hello there

Could ya'll please tell me what software I can use to make MM software (interactive, must run as an .exe on a PC) demos? It does not have to have very strong MM
extensions/capabilities. We are mainly interested in making interactive software
demos at this stage. Also, we do not have all that much $$$ to spend so even the
cheap stuff would do. Not that you can get anything cheap these days :) We want to have graphics, animations, text, sound (sometimes) in them.

Also, if there are any legal eagles reading this, how legal is it to make demos
of commercial software. Depending on the legality we would like to make demos of
big, expensive packages (WP,Speadsheets,Data Bases, Programming etc) and sell
them to people who are looking to buy the packages. Just highlight the features
of the package in the demos so that people can also see the ease or difficulty
of using them. I would rather buy 5 small $ 5 demos about a particular package
than trust ads and reviews and spend much $$$ on a package that later
dissapoints me.

Thank you very much for suggestions. BTW, please e-mail them to :

as I will not have much chance to browse any groups in the next coupla weeks. I
will be able to respond to a-mail messages.

Thank you very much.

Mr Mojo

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