bad image error - fixed

bad image error - fixed

Post by Dave Ginnan » Sun, 09 Dec 2001 05:36:58

I managed to fix this by deleting the msdmo.dll file then
reinstalling WMP. It would seem that an old version of the
dll doesn't get replace on an install unless the file is
fisrt deleted.


1. help fixing bad reinstall fix??

I reinstalled W98 on my Vaio (z505rx) since after two and a half years it
had gotten a bit buggy.

Well, the Vaio still freezes unexpectedly and the most annoying problem
was fixed with a reinstall of some Iomega s'ware.

OTOH, I am left with:

no stand by mode  (important since typically the thing freezes 3 or 4
times on a reboot (even after the reinstall...) and takes about two
minutes on each attempt (Sony loads the thing with so much unnecessary
crap that MS thinks has to be loaded because I might "need" them...could
use advice on getting rid of this stuff too...)

dial-up no longer remembers my password or dials automatically despite
repeated re-settings of this feature

MS networking demands a password on each reboot, easily cancelled but
an annoying reminder of everything else this "fix" has done  (Ask me if
I've ever used MS networking, ever...)

and most important >> no USB << not even power to the peripherals -- it's
dead, Jim.

There may be more, since I did this only yesterday and have not had a
chance to explore all the other ways in which this "fix" may have screwed
my system.  Meanwhile, can anyone recommend a [real] fix for any of the
above?  I plan to scour MS & Vaio sites when I have time, but they will
probably be just as helpful as they have been in the past.

moving ever towards Linux,

(email best as my news is quirky)


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