Comparison of Compression Formats

Comparison of Compression Formats

Post by MS » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 00:33:52

Can people compare the different types of music and video compression

For instance, in music--there is MP3, WMA, and now I have read about one
called OGG. (I have never used that one before.)

If compatibility is a consideration, then the hands-on winner is Mp3, as it
is still far more in use by far more people, more supported by devices, etc.
(Although it's clear that Microsoft wants WMA/WMV to become the standard, it
certainly isn't at this point.)

But putting compatibility issues aside, can people compare the advantages
and disadvantages of these different formats?

For example, if one compressed a .wav file with mp3, .wma, and .ogg, and all
three resulted in the same file size, which one would have better sound?

Conversely, if all three were compressed to have very similar audio quality,
which would have a smaller file size?

Or--all very similar???

I would appreciate any input people can give regarding the advantages and
disadvantages of these different formats.

Same thing for compressed video formats--. MPEG, compressed .AVI, compressed
.MOV (QuickTime), .WMV, .ASF, DIVX, etc., etc.?

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.


1. Video format comparisons on UNIX & PC

I am trying to find results of an objective test comparing decompression
times of various video viewers on various machines.  I got some good
data from Berkeley on MPEGplay for a few workstations.  I'd like to know
how that compares to a good PC.  I'd also like to see numbers for Xanim,
and whatever popular Quicktime and AVI viewers.  
What I already have:
for a 730 KB file
Machine         CPU time (sec)  
Sparc10         20.16
HP 715/80       17.31
SGI indy        17.95
SGI Indigo      13.72
If anyone feels like giving subjective comparisons of
viewer/format/platform quality, I would value that as well.  I don't
know if everyone else would.  I have posted this to several newsgroups,
some of which get much higher traffic than others, so take care where
you respond to.

-----The empty set is pointless.

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