audio & video email (VideoMail Pro)

audio & video email (VideoMail Pro)

Post by Darald Trin » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

VideoMail Pro, E-Mail's Third Dimension

        E-mail you can see! Boy, will my girlfriend be surprised to see me.
        *Space is cool, you can meet people from all over the world. But
                you know, I always pictured you with brown hair...
        Hey, its hard to mistake sarcasm when I can see and hear you.

VideoMail Pro, E-Mail's You Can See

        VideoMail Pro allows you to record short audio/video messages and send
                them to one or more people.
        VideoMail Pro lets you can compose messages while others are being sent
                in the background.
        VideoMail Pro includes an integrated full featured audio/video
        VideoMail Pro generates cross-platform readable messages.
        VideoMail Pro is accelerated for the PowerMacintosh.
        Mail messages are fully MIME complaint.

Have you seen your friends today?

        For more information on VideoMail Pro go to:


1. Need Help Getting Audio & Video to Work in MSN Messenger under WindowsXP Pro

I'm chatting with another MSN Messenger user.  We have tried to use our
cameras & audio equipment.  We have both run the Audio tuning wizard (which
also configures our video.)  That went fine on both ends.  However when
either of us invites the other to an audio video conference it never
works--even though the invitation has been extended and accepted.

The folks on the other end of the line have a fairly low-speed modem.  They
may be able to switch to a cable modem.

I have a Cayman DSL Router.

We would very greatly appreciate your help in getting this aspect of the
Messenger to work for us.
With kindest regards,

Dick Smith

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