Q : unreadable AVI file ?

Q : unreadable AVI file ?

Post by JC » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 17:55:43

Hi all,

 I have a 729 Mb AVI file that can't be read,
 it looks like the readers I tried can't resolve
 the codec ID needed to decompress the image data.

 Can anyone help ?

 Here are two sample files extracted from the big
 one, their indexes were rebuilt by using DivFix,
 there is a 10 Mb file, and the other is 1 Mb, at:



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I have some videos I'd like to view. The files are .avi.

I have WMP 6.4 .

That's not the first time I ask this question. Last time, someone told me to
try a divx codec. I tried downloading it at http://www.divx.com but the
problem is stille the same.

So what could I try now?

thanks in advance.

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