MMM'98 (MultiMedia Modeling'98) - Call for Papers

MMM'98 (MultiMedia Modeling'98) - Call for Papers

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             The International Conference on Multimedia Modeling

                        12-15 October 1998, Lausanne

                             Call for Papers

The Computer Graphics Lab (EPFL), MIRALab (University of Geneva), the
Computer Graphics Society (Geneva), and the IFIP Working Group 5.10 are
pleased to announce MMM'98.

As with last year's conference held in Singapore, MMM'98 will provide a
forum to discuss the efficient representation, processing, interaction,
integration, communication, and retrieval of multimedia information. In
particular, MMM'98 will concentrate on common modeling frameworks for
integrating the diverse fields of visual, audio, video, and virtual
World information. MMM'98 will take place on 12-15 October 1998 in

Contributions describing original research, surveys and applications in
the following areas are solicited:

* Formal Support for Multimedia          * Interactive Multimedia
* Model-based Video/Vision/Graphics      * Multimedia and Virtual
* Standards: MPEG4-SNHC, VRML 2               Reality
* Representation of Multimedia           * Multimedia Operating
     Information                                 System Information
* Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia   * Networked Multimedia and
     Information                                 Virtual Environments
* Talking heads and virtual actors in    * Multimedia Database
     Multimedia systems                          Modeling
* Integration of Graphics and Vision     * Speech and Music Modeling
* Integration of Multimedia Information  * Hypermedia
* Synchronization o Multimedia Modeling  * Education and Applications
     Information                                 of Multimedia

Tutorials, panels and prototype demonstrations are also invited.

                           IMPORTANT DATES

   * Full Paper:  10 April 1998
   * Proposals for Panels and Demos: 1 April 1998
   * Notice of acceptance: 10 May 1998
   * Camera-ready paper: 1 June 1998

                  FOR PAPER SUBMISSION,

  send 5 copies to:

  Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
  MIRALab, CUI University of Geneva
  24, rue du Gnral-Dufour
  CH 1211 Geneva 4
  tel. +41-22-705-7769, fax: +41-22-705-7780

  or an eletronic copy

  by anonymous ftp to in the directory mmm98 (Postscript or
  acrobat PDF only).


  title and abstract of the paper together with the authors' names, full
  addresses, and emails.

                           FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

Please contact, panels, and demos:

MMM'98 Secretariat
ComputerGraphics Lab
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
Tel: +41-21-693-5214, Fax: +41-21-693-5328

Web page:

                        CONFERENCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS

Conference Chair: Daniel THALMANN (EPFL)

Technical Program Chair: Nadia MAGNENAT THALMANN (University of Geneva)

Tutorials: Ronan BOULIC (EPFL)

Demonstrations: Selim BALCISOY (EPFL)

Conference Coordinator: Laurent MOCCOZET (University of Geneva)

                INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE (tentative):

  * Bulterman,* (CWI, Netherlands)
  * Chua, Tat-Seng (National University of Singapore)
  * Coulson, Geoff (University of Lancaster, UK)
  * Courtiat, Jean-Pierre (LAAS, France)
  * Diaz, Michel (LAAS, France)
  * Dssouli, Rachida (University of Montreal,Canada);
  * Fry, Michael (UTS, Australia)
  * Earnshaw, Rae (University of Bradford, UK)
  * Fellner, Dieter (University of Bonn, Germany)
  * Gibbs, Simon (GMD, Germany)
  * Glinert, Ephraim P (Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute)
  * Gu, Junzgong (East China Normal University, PRC)
  * Hashimoto, Shuji (Weseda University, Japan)
  * Kalra, Prem (Indian Institute of Technology, India)
  * Karmouch, Ahmed (University of Ottawa, Canada)
  * Kunii, Tosiyasu (Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan)
  * Lee, Myeong Won (University of Suwon, Korea)
  * Li, Victor (University of Southern California, USA)
  * Maurer Hermann (University of Graz, Austria)
  * Mueller Heinrich (University of Dortmund, Germany)
  * Snac, Patrick (ENSICA, France)
  * Shimojo, Shinji (Osaka University, Japan)
  * Shinagawa Yoshihisa (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  * Suenaga, Yasuhito(Nagoya University, Japan)
  * Tanimoto, Steven L (University of Washington, USA)
  * Whang, Kyu-Young (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
  * Wolter Franz (University of Hannover, Germany)
  * Wu, Jian-Kang (Institute of Systems Science, Singapore)
  * Zhang, Hong-Jiang (HP Research Lab., USA)


MIRALab/CUI, Universite de Geneve   Tel:+41(22)705-77-64/63
24 Rue du General Dufour            Fax:+41(22)705-77-80
CH 1211 Geneve 4