GIS'98/RT'98 Call for Participation

GIS'98/RT'98 Call for Participation

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Don1t forget!  Presentation abstracts for GIS '98/RT '98 are due by Sept.
26.  Sponsored by GIS World Inc. and Resource Technology Institute, GIS
'98/RT '98 will be held April 6-9, 1998, in Toronto.  Find out more by

Cindy Barrett

GIS World, Inc.              Phone: (970)221-0037
400 N. College Ave.          Fax:  (970)221-5150

Fort Collins, CO 80524       URL:


1. GIS'98/RT'98 Conference Invitation

Press Release

January 2, 1998

Pathways to Knowledge Integration
April 6-9, 1998
Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

GIS World, Inc. and Resource Technology Institute are proud to announce a
new venue for GIS198/RT198, Canada1s most influential and highly respected
GIS Conference and Exposition.  Historically held in Vancouver, British
Columbia, GIS198/RT198 makes its Eastern Canadian debut in beautiful
Toronto, Ontario and will rotate between the two cities in the future.
This new geographic location provides an opportunity for exhibitors and
attendees to foster new and fresh relationships within the Geographic
Information Community while maintaining relations with longtime

This year1s keynote address, Pathways to Knowledge Integration, will be
given by Joel Orr, consultant, writer, past-president of National Computer
Graphics Association and president of Virtual Worlds Society.  In addition
to the Keynote Address, an extensive combination of workshops, papers,
panel sessions and an impressive Exposition promise to make GIS198/RT198
an event you cannot afford to miss!

For more information or to register contact GIS World, the following:

GIS World, Inc.
400 N. College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone:   (800)447-9753
Fax:     (970)221-5150


Cindy Barrett

GIS World, Inc.              Phone: (970)221-0037
400 N. College Ave.          Fax:  (970)221-5150

Fort Collins, CO 80524       URL:

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