pb with wm encoder 7 and wm server 4.1

pb with wm encoder 7 and wm server 4.1

Post by Phil » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 07:31:04


I stream a live stream with an encoder 7 . For accessing to this stream from
a client using http protocol, it's OK.

I would like to distribute this stream from a windows server 4.1 in

First difficulty, a new multicast program needs a mms (or msbd I don't
remember ;-(   ) url ... From the encoder, the only protocol is http ;-(  .
So I declare on my windows server a uniscast stream in using http url . It's
the only solution I find . And it's OK in unicast

Then, I declare my multicast program using as url , the url I declare in
unicast . It seem OK ,

But When I want to start the program and the station, I have an error .

It seems (I suppose after some hours of investigations) that it's because I
use certains characteristics from the encoder that the server doesn't
understand. With an encoder 4.1 , I only need to save an asd file, and to
copy it on the server, for all run . But with the encoder 7, there is not
asd file, but wme file . And when I copy this wme file on the server and try
to use it on the declaration on my multicast flux, the server doesn't
reconize fhe fiel wme format (Iit seems that the wme file is in xml format).

So, how to generate an asd (or compatible) file from encoder 7 for using it
on a server 4.1 ?

I hope my explications are ... comprehensibles ...

Thanks a lot



pb with wm encoder 7 and wm server 4.1

Post by David Bristol [M » Wed, 31 Jan 2001 07:04:27

I think this will solve your problem:  


1. pb with wm encoder 7 and wm server 4.1


I try this... But I have the same pb ...I declare a station on the server :
it's OK. But I can't run the program . I have the error : the parameter is
incorrect : error 0x80070057

My program is defined like this : mms://MyServer/webcam64K.asf

The webcam64K was done by the encoder 7 , "save an stream file" . I thought
that the format was the same than the asd format . But it seems (sure !)
that the asf file generated by the encoder 7 is binary (ans small, about 2

I try to declare the same streaming in unicast, it runs ...

An idea ?



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