Windows ME and Media Player 7.0 crashing

Windows ME and Media Player 7.0 crashing

Post by nomino » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 02:20:41


Ive got a problem with a windows ME machine running WMP 7
When using the Pyrite skin and browsing through the visualizations,
WMP will crash reporting an error with WMPVIS.DLL file.

The crashing seems to be random, although if it has recntly happened,
it will happen again within seconds, then work for hours.

It seems to do this with audio CD's WMA and mp3 files.

Any help and suggestions welcome.




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hangs.  I have to kill through the Task Manager.  For example File->Add to
Library->Add File... and I just get an hour glass.  All other functionality
seems to work fine.  I have tried a reinstall of Windows Media Player 7.0
from the MS download site and also a complete reinstall of Windows ME.  No
luck with either.  Any ideas?


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