windows media source filter(wmv)

windows media source filter(wmv)

Post by Nir Dran » Sat, 21 Apr 2001 01:36:59

Hi all.
i have written a source filter which works great with mpeg-1 media.
but i want my filter to handle wmv+asf as well, the problem is that there is
no splitter filter such as mpeg-1 splitter.
the default behaviour of the source filter named as "Windows Media Source
Filter" is to split the streams as well as passing it to the decoders.
how can i implement it on my own source filter?



1. How can I make a filter like Windows Media Source Filter?

I want to make a filter like 'Windows Media Source Filter'.
Using The Asf stream From something source, I want to play it. (The Source
From memory card, from DB, and so on.)
What SDK and Documents do I need?
help me,
Thank you.

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