RecordNow Exact Copy Bug

RecordNow Exact Copy Bug

Post by Mar » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:15:44

Has anyone had th following problem with either the version of
RecordNow that comes with new PCs, such as an HP machine, or the
RecordNow Max version?:

When using the "Exact Copy" option, the first track is always trashed,
no matter which version of the software I've used.  I've tried this
with a few CDs, including one of my own mixes.  In each case the
copy's first track is a combination of the start of the last track of
the CD and the first track of the CD?

This is the easiest burning software I've ever used, and would hate to
have to switch back to Nero, Click N Burn, etc.  It works great for
everything else I've done, such as burning CDs from MP3s, etc., but
copying discs is screwed up.

I have not seen anyone else mention this problem, nor have I seen
anything on the support site at Stomp.


- Mark


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