Microangelo icon in WIn95

Microangelo icon in WIn95

Post by Michael Bashist » Tue, 26 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Okay, I've returned to the world of WINTEL from Macland and have gotten
my icons created in Microangelo, but have searched the online help in
Win95 but can't find how to "attach" the .ico resources to a file that
changes the file icon.

I'm sure it's easy once I find out how, so could someone point the way?

Michael B.


1. MicroAngelo 5.5


Just thought I'd let all of you XP users know MicroAngelo 5.5 is out!!
This version Has FULL support for XP icons and cursors! You can make Alpha
Blended icons and also cursors in the XP style, and it also allows you to
put a drop shadow, (exactly the same co-ordinates as the other XP icons)
with a single mouse click! The only problem with making alpha blended
cursors, is that XP will not add a drop shadow, but you can easily add a
drop shadow to the cursor file itself :) Also 5.5 will now let you make
changes to the exe with XP icons and save it into the exe, with librarian.
Great News imo Because I like all my icons to look relectively the same,
Let's abolish those ugly 16, 256 and even so called "true color" icons

The url to find out more about MicroAngelo 5.5 is:


Have a Great Day,

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