Access code for Director CD in "Official Macromedia Director Studio" book?

Access code for Director CD in "Official Macromedia Director Studio" book?

Post by Stephen Chapk » Sun, 04 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I recently purchased the "Official Macromedia Director Studio" book
and CD, which includes 3 free "test drives" of Director 4.0.

The CD requires an access code, which is supposed to be available via
the 800 number on the CD. Unfortunately, the phone number connects to
a now defunct business. The publisher (Random House) suggested I
contact Macromedia, who in turn suggested I contact the publisher. No
one seems to have the access code on file.

Does anyone out there have the access code? I've read the book, and am
eager for some hands-on practice (which is the reason the CD was
included with the book in the first place).

If anyone has the access code number, please e-mail it to me at



1. Official Macromedia Director Studio

I purchased  "Offical Macormedia Director Studio "about a week ago and
cannot get any help from Random House about the CD Rom Supplied with it.
The program offers a test drive for Director.  I finally obtained the
correct access code and now am faced with a error message stating that I
am running an older version of the Redirector (version 100) Please
reinstall this software.  My question is Where do I get a newer version?
I would have thought it would be on the CD Rom.  Has anyone used this
book and please five opinions as I am ready to take it back to the store.

Thank you in advance
Tania Butkowski

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