'Bad image' error message on MS Media Player

'Bad image' error message on MS Media Player

Post by Ian Grie » Sun, 06 Jan 2002 02:46:39

I downloaded an upgrade to MS Media player. Installed - no
problem - went to play a music track and error message
appears - 'wmplayer.exe - Bad image'. The app or DLL C:\..
is not a valid image. Please check this against your
installation disk".

- I'm running under Windows 2000 Professional.

Anyone please advise what next - I've downloaded twice to
the same result.

Ian Grier


1. 'Bad Image' Media Player error message

Have just downloaded (three times to same result) media
player 7.1 and installed no problem but when attempting to
open a music file get error message " wmplayer.exe - bad
image - the app or DLL C:\W\Sys32\ms..... is not a valid
windows image - please check this against your
installation disk.

I am running the OS 'Windows 2000 Professional'.

Any suggestions please.



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