Media Player Crashed After Installing Netscape 7.0

Media Player Crashed After Installing Netscape 7.0

Post by Adam Farka » Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:46:49

Whenever I try to open WMP, it freezes and doesn't display
anything or function at all.  I am on a Dell Inspiron
8000, with Windows ME.

1. Windows ME - Media Player 7.0 - Dialog Open freezes Media Player

Whenever I try any action that opens a dialog box Windows Media Player
hangs.  I have to kill through the Task Manager.  For example File->Add to
Library->Add File... and I just get an hour glass.  All other functionality
seems to work fine.  I have tried a reinstall of Windows Media Player 7.0
from the MS download site and also a complete reinstall of Windows ME.  No
luck with either.  Any ideas?


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