Changing Color of Embedded Player?

Changing Color of Embedded Player?

Post by Andy » Sat, 24 May 2003 01:49:28

Does anyone know how to change the color of an embedded
7.1 media player (in a web page) and it's button colors?

It comes up grey by default - dosen't exactly match our
style guide.

Thanks for any help


Changing Color of Embedded Player?

Post by Carlos De Vincenzo [M » Sun, 25 May 2003 08:10:04

For security reasons, we only allow that skin for the embedded pages. You
can't change it.

Carlos Veiga De Vincenzo [MS]
WMP Test Team
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1. Embedded player 9 inconsistent with player 7 & player XP behavior

I have a web page with an <OBJECT> tag to embed the media
player. I have been using this page with player 7 and
player XP for some time. There is no WIDTH or HEIGHT
html specified on the <OBJECT> tag. Player 7 and player
for XP display the video at whatever size it being
encoded. So for example if I'm encoding at 320x240 the
embedded video displays at that size. If I change the
encoder to encode at 480x360 the embedded player now shows
it at that size. This makes it easy for me to use the same
web page no matter what the size of the encoded video.

With player 9 no matter what size the video is being
encoded at, it is always displayed by the embedded player
at the
same small size (looks smaller than 320x240). And the
video is not as wide as the player bar it sits on, so it
looks funny. If I do a File->Properties it reports the
correct large size the encoder is producing, but the video
is not displayed at that size. It is small. How do I get
the embedded player 9 to behave as the previous players
did in this regard?

If it's not possible to get the same behavior from player
9, what WIDTH and HEIGHT should I specify on my <OBJECT>
tag for a stream encoded at 480x360? Should I use 480x360
or something larger to account for the control bar (I'm
specifying a uimode of mini). When I tried using 480x360
the video was not as wide as the control bar it sits on.
I'm not sure why the control bar comes out wider than the
video. So I'm wondering if I have to pad the 480x360
specified in my <OBJECT> tag to get the movie size to
match the control bar size. Thanks.

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